Our Story

This project is dedicated to the founders' mums. Thank you for raising us and loving us. 
One of the many ways mums show love is by providing quality clothing for their kids. Love, Mum's brand name is based on a letter closing and a signature from a mother to her kid. When a mother dresses her kid, she pours her love and time into it, carefully selecting the appropriate accessories to go along with the outfit.  Our goal is to help mums find good quality and stylish pieces for babies and toddlers so that mums would have more time in their hands.  
Love, Mum is an Australian brand created by two like-minded women entrepreneurs who wanted to bring out creativity and offer more choices for stylish mums in dolling up their kids and babies. We aim to step up baby dressing to create beautiful memories and adorable keepsake photos of our bubbas until we can dress them up no more, as they age and grow up with their own style.

We are proudly Australian-owned and we carefully source our materials and products from all over Asia. 

Our products range from hair accessories and summer outfits and we'll bring out new products seasonally.

Please feel free to contact us using this form, if you want to discuss new products you'd like us to develop or if you have any enqueries.